Monday, January 15, 2007


YAY i finally got this made i cut it out a week or so ago but never got time to sit and sew it till today. The pattern is a bit fidly but i think it turned out ok oh and i also did a buttonhole **happydance** LOL. Its a size two but it is a bit big on my DD i think it would actually fit my 4 year old.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My "superman"

This is my my little man in his superman outfit. He wanted to be superman so that nothing could happen to him . Most of you know why.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

More material

The pink is interlock i got it really cheap from spotlight (dont know why) I think im going to make the girls some little dresses to wear around the house out of it. The lemon and white check was also on special at spotlight am going to make pants and the little bib front dress i think.
The other material is only bits and pieces i got given from the old lady over the road there is enough to make little skirts or pants out of each piece just cant make up my mind LOL.


I got some of these the othe day at my local material shop. The teddy bear one is actually a deep purple im going to make pj's out of it. DD3 loves the yellow flower one i want to try the teired top with that but will have to work out pattern first. I think the gingham one would be nice for a dress im not sure but LOL

More patterns

The little girls one i mainly bought for the tartan skirt pattern its gorgeous. The other one my DD13 picked she loves the top and 3/4 pants and the dress i havent opened it yet to see if it is readable LOL.

The un-readable patterns LOL

These are the patterns i bought for the girls im going to make the jammies today i think i can do them without having to read the instructions LOL . I really want to do the tiered top but i cant understand the instructions at all they just don't explain in English .

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Valentines swap

1 Kids.... Ages....Measurements....

DD 13 size 8 ladies very skinny but tall, DS10 size 10, DS 8 size 7-8, DD 4 size 4-5, DD 3 size 1-2, DD size 1

2 Fav. colours

Purple , black, blue, pinks

3 What is garish about valentines

smelly flowers LOL

4 What do you LOVE about valentines

UMMMMMMMMMMM really want to know LOL

5 What fabric, haberdashery item, sewing essential melts your heart?

I'm a sucker i love it all LOL but if i had to pick i would say broderie angleise and soft cottons and also polar fleece and ribbons i love ribbons

matching AGAIN LOL

Thanks POV here is the cross back outfits i made the other night. DH doesnt like the bloomer type pants so i made just shorts to match.
I love this pattern its so easy i cut out and made all three outfits in three hours LOL i lined the inside with the same material as their pants are in.