Monday, May 05, 2008

More sewing

Well i know im supposed to be on bed rest and i admit i did the little one by hand sewing but i had to use the machine to do eldest daughters.

Believe me now when i say i wont be sitting at the machine

i could hardly move when i finished so am now on my bed resting while i update the blog and things.

The little one is out of polar fleece and i stitched up the side so it was inclosed but it gaped around her head so added a scrap bit and made it into a scarf i think it turned out cool. So did one for the biggest child but as i said i did have to use the machine as it was wool so it needed proper edging on it so it didnt fray.

My 5 year old has now picked out her material so i am going to handsew that tonight for her when im hopefully not in so much pain.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tha nappy bag

Here is the nappy bag the gorgeous CASS made for me since i am on bed rest and she knew i had plans of making one.

Its gorgeous i love it

thank you again

PJ's and Nightie

Finally got around to adding the jamm

ies i made a couple of weeks ago.