Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Secret Santa

Finally i have gotten around to posting my pics of my swap i got from the lovely LISA.

Its not all in the pic as DD2 decided the little christmas deco's had to go on the tree as soon as it was opened and mummy didnt get a say.

But here is the bag i love it i just have to tell DD15 to keep her hands off and the material was made into a dress for DD2 as the one i made wasnt good enough once she saw this one so thank you Lisa it was great

Monday, December 08, 2008

Dress for DD2

BUT the little darling wouldnt wear it because it wasnt BLUE gRrrrrrrr so Miss T wore it and loved it LOL


Charlize ballet outfit she danced to wish upon a star

T'Keyah's ballet outfit same as Charli

Logan does boys funk they danced to Men in black as if you couldnt tell LOL

Kye does Tap this is his closing number outfit

This is his tap class outfit and even though it was yesterday i cant think what he danced to LOL

Charlize does Tap as well this is her outfit they danced to Working 9 to 5

Paige does classical ballet they danced to The X-Files theme

That is it for this year YAY but they looked great and all enjoyed it

Friday, December 05, 2008


Well been ages since he has been on here if at all i cant remember now .

But i finished his dungaree's today they are made out of material i think i got in a swap with Tigerfilly. I love it its so cute and they turned out great i think.

They are a bit big but oh well he will get more wear out of them this way

More sewing

This wrap skirt i made for myself for the kids dance concert on Sunday not sure if im going to make a top tomorrow or wear a black one i have . Its not the best picture but the material is an off white with small black paisley print and little eyelet holes through it all .

Here is a little skirt i ran up for Rona as usual the minute i start to sew she is at me demanding a dress or skirt and gets the poops when i dont use the colour she wants LOL.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More sewing pics

Finally a couple of the pics of clothes i made for Charli for her bday a couple of months ago man ive been slack.

I couldnt get her to try on anymore as its been so hot here today she was all sweating and whinging so here is a skirt and top set and a short and top set i made her. She picked the material and told me what

she wanted out of them.

Some sewing pics

Well i finally got my batteries charged but could only manage a few pics of recent sewing. So here is a dress for Rona using some material i picked up in a op shop she loves it. Miss T in a summer dress i got this material of Ebay i love it its so cute with the seahorses on it.

Helen should know this material i got this off her in the trading room a while ago well i made it into a skirt and backless top for Miss T

for her birthday the pink goes so well with it.

HINT The material in ROnas hair is scrap from my SWAP present LOL