Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More party stuff

Well this is the cake i ended up cheating after a shocking couple of weeks and a really bad day before the party i didnt get the cake made till the morning of the party and so didnt have time to do what i wanted as it was i finally got it finsihed a half hour before everyone turned up.

The other pic is of my family all dressed nice well sort of the boys would co-operate with nice clothes and i wasnt in the mood to argue.

Party dresses

Well i finally got the dresses made and decided to do a different style for the three of them and i like how they turned out. Miss T and Miss C loved trying them on as i went but Miss grumpy R hated it she hates clothes at the moment so trying to fit stuff is so much fun.

Long time but im back

Well i finally got back into blogger yay. So i will start with pics of the party. This is the unicorn ridey things we did. The girls had fun decorating them then they had racers with them.