Sunday, November 04, 2007

Im here

Ok well i finally got back into blogger so thought id make it memorable :lol: and post but am waiting for batteries to charge so i can post pics of sewing.

So im back and should be updating this tonight


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More party stuff

Well this is the cake i ended up cheating after a shocking couple of weeks and a really bad day before the party i didnt get the cake made till the morning of the party and so didnt have time to do what i wanted as it was i finally got it finsihed a half hour before everyone turned up.

The other pic is of my family all dressed nice well sort of the boys would co-operate with nice clothes and i wasnt in the mood to argue.

Party dresses

Well i finally got the dresses made and decided to do a different style for the three of them and i like how they turned out. Miss T and Miss C loved trying them on as i went but Miss grumpy R hated it she hates clothes at the moment so trying to fit stuff is so much fun.

Long time but im back

Well i finally got back into blogger yay. So i will start with pics of the party. This is the unicorn ridey things we did. The girls had fun decorating them then they had racers with them.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

My tiny sewing LOL

DD13 had an assignment for ballet so she wanted to do something different so while she got all the written work done mummy got sucked into making tiny outfits and daddy made a stage. So i made a doll sized tutu a romantic ballet dress and a males pants and top with sash and tie.

Still waiting on results will let you know how I (lol) went when she gets marked.

Dress up swap thank you so much Natalie

Woke up this morning to a parcel at my door. Thank you so much Natalie the girls love them so much, they havent taken them off since they opened it . They look so cute and Charlie has run around all morning loving her turtle outfit. T wont let me take hers off at all and Rona is still in her top and wings the skirt went LOL.
Again thank you they are great.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Op shop finds

Went into a op shop friday morning and picked up this material for $5 was stoked i normally miss out on any finds in the op shops .

Saturday, March 31, 2007

spotlight bargain

Called into spotlight on Friday afternoon to grab a few things and they had a whole table of material for $2 a metre i could have gone mad if money hadnt been a problem LOL. I got the brown tie dye chiffon and the brown cotton drill and the gorgeous brown floral cord with sequins. Hubby picked out the love hippy material and the strippy material i got to make DD's some light weight jackets. As well as more jammie material and 4 rolls of trim marked down to $1.50 a roll.

Monday, March 26, 2007

baby Leo

This is Karinas baby i couldnt get it into photobucket so thought id put it here for you to see.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

T's overalls

Here is T's overalls well do them different next time.

They are straight at the bottom she just isnt standing straight LOL.

Pants and overalls

Well it got cold here yesterday so i thought id make some of the cord up that i have had just sitting around. Helen should recognise the pants material LOL. I trimmed it with a plain purple cord i got of ebay i like them now i just have to get some purple to make a top to go with it. Im not real keen on how T's overalls turned out i had heaps of trouble getting them all together last night but they are ok. They have pockets on the back trimmed with the same material that Ronas are made out of. Rona's overalls im pretty proud of they too were fiddly but i think they turned out pretty good and they look cute on LOL. T's overalls are in a diff post cause blogger wouldnt let me load 3 pics.

Baby outfit

This is for my eldest DD's dance teacher she had a baby girl last week so i thought id make a little something for her.


Ok well i tried to make this without a pattern its ok but will do more with a pattern. She also wanted a little skirt to go over it so i used the tweety chiffon i bought ages ago.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tracksuit pants

I made these pants a while ago for a friend but forgot to take photos before i gave them to her. So she kindly sent me a pic of them to put on here.

More Pj's

This is one pair of pj pants i have made DH the other ones are the same as Charlie's . Kye was in one of his moods tonight so wouldnt turn around so this is a side view of his pants i will take a proper pic tomorrow when i do Paiges and Logans photo's.


I think these turned out pretty good, except just as i went to snap the pic the decided to pull at the tops so they look all out of shape. The girls love them LOL. Rona has a pair the same as T'keyah . Charlize is happy cause her pants are the same as her daddy's LOL

Winter nighties

Well these arent the best pictures the girls werent in the mood for photos to be taken. All three little girls have the interlock nighties the same and they have the flannel ones same style but different material then the one Rona is wearing. Havent taken photos of them yet.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Swap ???

1. What colours are you kitchen

Blue and a creamy white .

2. What is your favourite appliance

I would have to say my breadmaker and my sandwich press

3. What do you love cooking most

Slices, biscuits and pastries

4. What item would you love the most from your swap partner

Oh a oven mitt that keeps the heat out LOL or place-matts my kids have trashed all mine .

Thursday, February 22, 2007

girls dresses

I got given this material so thought id make them a little dress each. The pattern i used was shocking it measured small but when made up it turned out so big. The ribbon on the green one is from my V day swap i found matching dragonfly buttons so it looks cute LOL.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


More material i got given so what else to do with polar fleece but to make nappies LOL. DD nearly 1 wasnt in a happy mood when i made her stand still so she threw herself down and chucked a wobbly . I made 4 new nappies on Saturday but as usual i forgot to take

Another nightie and PJ's

This is DD4's "happy feet" nightie she gets very upset when it has to be washed LOL.

I got given the material and my eldest DD loved it so i made these PJ's out of it for her. They are pretty easy but had a problem with the under arm bit it turned out to loose so i might ha
ve to adjust the pattern.

Monday, February 12, 2007


This is the cushion i made for a friend i met while my Daughter was in hospital in 2004. The day i met her her Daughter Jess was in for surgery to remove a tumour from her stomach.
In the following year we spent a lot of time at Ronald Macdonald House while my little girl was either in hospital or down for appointments and Jess was going through chemo.
We had babies a month apart the start of last year and Jess was in remission. Late last year they got the news that her tumour was back and that there was nothing they could do.
Jess passed away on the 6th of Feb this year so i wanted to make something for her mum to keep.

Monday, January 15, 2007


YAY i finally got this made i cut it out a week or so ago but never got time to sit and sew it till today. The pattern is a bit fidly but i think it turned out ok oh and i also did a buttonhole **happydance** LOL. Its a size two but it is a bit big on my DD i think it would actually fit my 4 year old.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My "superman"

This is my my little man in his superman outfit. He wanted to be superman so that nothing could happen to him . Most of you know why.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

More material

The pink is interlock i got it really cheap from spotlight (dont know why) I think im going to make the girls some little dresses to wear around the house out of it. The lemon and white check was also on special at spotlight am going to make pants and the little bib front dress i think.
The other material is only bits and pieces i got given from the old lady over the road there is enough to make little skirts or pants out of each piece just cant make up my mind LOL.


I got some of these the othe day at my local material shop. The teddy bear one is actually a deep purple im going to make pj's out of it. DD3 loves the yellow flower one i want to try the teired top with that but will have to work out pattern first. I think the gingham one would be nice for a dress im not sure but LOL

More patterns

The little girls one i mainly bought for the tartan skirt pattern its gorgeous. The other one my DD13 picked she loves the top and 3/4 pants and the dress i havent opened it yet to see if it is readable LOL.

The un-readable patterns LOL

These are the patterns i bought for the girls im going to make the jammies today i think i can do them without having to read the instructions LOL . I really want to do the tiered top but i cant understand the instructions at all they just don't explain in English .