Sunday, January 18, 2009

Duffel bags and hat

The kids are going to a siblings camp tomorrow so they needed bags to carry their towels and things in when they go to the beach.

So i made the boys a duffel bag each This is Logans he is older now so not so much into the theme material LOL

This is Kye's he loves the spiderman material so he got it . They are fully lined inside and have a pocket for keeping their wallets and sunscreen in.

And finally my very first attemp at making a hat with no pattern :0. The brim is a bit big and floppy as i didnt have anything apart from pelon (i think that's what its called) so i think i need something stiffer but again he loves it so im rather proud of my first ever hat

Engagement present

Well here is the engagement present i made for Paige's friend on the weekend.

Im not sure on the colour of the edging but apparently it was very much liked the edging is also the material that is on the back of the placemats and the centre mat.

But they are done and liked so thats the main thing i guess LOL