Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pants and overalls

Well it got cold here yesterday so i thought id make some of the cord up that i have had just sitting around. Helen should recognise the pants material LOL. I trimmed it with a plain purple cord i got of ebay i like them now i just have to get some purple to make a top to go with it. Im not real keen on how T's overalls turned out i had heaps of trouble getting them all together last night but they are ok. They have pockets on the back trimmed with the same material that Ronas are made out of. Rona's overalls im pretty proud of they too were fiddly but i think they turned out pretty good and they look cute on LOL. T's overalls are in a diff post cause blogger wouldnt let me load 3 pics.


Corrie said...

someone has been verrrrrrrrrry busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tigerfilly said...

How do you get all that done with all those kids Kerry - they all look fantastic!